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Imagine ...

the face of an 8-year old, homeless girl as she unwraps the exact Barbie that she asked for in a letter to Santa.  

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Christmas Magic works with more than 50 agencies, shelters, programs and churches to identify children on Long Island in verified need. Kids write Santa letters, and our shoppers work their magic to make wishes come true! Then more volunteers jump in to wrap, package and deliver gifts. We have an amazing corps of Santa volunteers and elves who donate their time and talent to decorate, do crafts, bake, dance with kids, and distribute gifts at our parties.

The “magic" of Christmas Magic without a doubt is the people!

Christmas Magic is funded solely by private donations. We rely on "word of mouth" (and Facebook        sharing!) to spread each child's wish throughout the local communities. We ask neighbors, businesses, churches, family and friends to come together to create the magic of the holidays for a child in need.

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13 year old Ashley had to take on adult responsibilities at a very young age as her Mom works two jobs. The teenager can’t hang out after school with her friends, as many kids her age do. She comes home after school and cares for her two elementary age siblings. She helps them with homework, makes school lunches, and serves dinner that Mom had fixed the night before. Her school guidance counselor referred her to Christmas Magic.

A home fire in a rental home, and an unexpected illness leading to huge medical bills, left 2 year old Kevin and his parents homeless. They find themselves this Christmas in emergency homeless shelter, hoping that the new year will find them in more permanent housing. Her shelter's social worker referred the family to Christmas Magic.

Greg is a three year old living with a foster family after being removed from his mother’s home due to chronic neglect. His social worker referred Greg to Christmas Magic.

12 year old John, 9 year old Katrina, 4 year old Molly and their mom recently had to leave their home on short notice and moved into a Long Island domestic violence shelter. Mom and the kids are living in a safe physical environment, away from the past domestic violence they encountered in their home. The entire family is receiving counseling and other support services. The shelter's director referred the family to Christmas Magic.

A residential substance abuse recovery program is home for 15 year old Chris. Chris is receiving individual and family counseling. Chris' counselor made a referral to Christmas Magic.

50 year old Sharon never thought she’d be raising kids again at her age, but after her daughter and her boyfriend became addicted to opioids, the courts awarded custody of Sharon’s two toddler grandchildren to her. She works hard to provide for all their physical needs, but most of all to create a safe and loving home. The Department of Social Services referred Sharon to Christmas Magic.

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