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Over the years Christmas Magic has been able to celebrate many special moments in the Long Island community.

Here are some of our highlights...

Students transformed the high school cafeteria into the North Pole, treated the children and their families to dinner and invited Santa Claus to help them deliver the presents... Partridge that attended the event for the eight years called it a blessing for her family. 

- Joy Through Toys, 2014

Our kids dressed as Elves, snowflakes, reindeer. It magnifies what the Christmas spirit is all about. They came back beaming and talking about how appreciative the little kids were.

- Magic Act of Love & Charity, 2009

As a community we have been blessed by Christmas Magic and the miracle of so many hands and hearts who give of their time, talent and treasure without condition or expectation.

- Christmas Magic Still Brings Joy to Suffolk County, 2003

This is what Christmas Magic is all about - the joy of giving. Garcia opened his gift, a WWF championship wrestling belt, and leapt from Santa's lap exclaiming, "I am the Champion. Yes, I am".

- They Have the Gift of Giving, 2000

The point of Christmas Magic is to give the child a moment of hope. There's nothing better like the moment when they open the present and see the gift they asked Santa for.

- Lawyer Works Christmas Magic, 2000

The program is a good educational tool [for volunteers]. Education is not just about budgets and books. It is about direct contact. These students see the kids and witness their expressions on Christmas and it touches them and makes a lasting impression.

- Spreading a Little Christmas Magic, 1999

There really is a Santa Claus. He and his group, Christmas Magic, Inc., live in the hearts and minds of the needy children of Suffolk County. 

- Santa, His Elves Spread a Little Christmas Magic Around, 1999

A heartwarming story of how advisory lawyer committee member Charlie Russo found a way to keep the legend of Santa Claus alive in the '90s.

- The Story of Christmas Magic, 1993

There are so many people who are needy; there are so many people who want to give. It's just a question of matching them.

- A Santa Claus: Holiday Magic, 1990

There's nothing like putting a smile on a child's face and Russo knows you can't put a price on happiness. That's why he makes each succeeding year bigger and brighter than the year before.

- Christmas Magic to Kids

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